Utility Services

All James Cubitt and Partners Engineers are encourage to identify with client need and expectations, so that engineering solutions are appropriate and cost effective.

James Cubitt and Partners provide technically and commercially-effective solutions for property, industry and infrastructure projects. As leaders in the planning and design of water, wastewater, reclaimed water and storm water conveyance systems, JCP engineers assist private developers and public agencies in developing new and rehabilitated collection and conveyance systems that optimize available resources.

JCP’s capabilities includes Plumbing utilities, Flow and hydraulic surge modeling, Maintenance management, Network analysis of water and wastewater distribution system, Pumps and pump stations, Storm water disposal, Flood risk assessment and lastly, Sewage and water treatment plants.

Services offered include the ff.

  • Energy management systems to optimize, assimilate and integrate sources
  • Water treatment planning
  • Inventory management to reduce stock holding
  • Preemptive and hands-on Leak Management that prevents abnormalities in the water networks
  • Create and enterprise solutions to manage work and assets
  • Combination and integration of processes to harness efficiencies
  • Conveying and taking best practices that augment and improve security and reliability.