Zbyszek Plocki – Chairman

Zbyszek Plocki became James Cubitt’s Global Chairman in December 1988, after being with the firm for more than twenty five years. Zbyszek joined James Cubitt & Partners in 1968 as resident architect and local partner in Nigeria.

Zbyszek has extensive experience of Tropical and Arid Climate Architecture and has undertaken major projects in Nigeria, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kenya as well as the United Kingdom and Europe.

Zbyszek consults to the firm with his experience in Health and Educational Projects, as well as Housing, Commercial, Industrial, Retail and Tourism Projects and has worked for major multi-national clients such as Coca Cola, Roche Pharmaceuticals and Government ministries in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates and Kenya.

A keen academic, Zbyszek holds a Bachelor of Architectural and has completed several executive programmes at leading international architectural & business schools.

He regularly acts as a trusted advisor and strategist to the public and private sectors, providing consultation services to companies and several cabinet ministers in the areas of strategy, supply chain management. As a skilled and highly respected business consultant Zbyszek has a proven track record in improving growth to the firm.

Personal quote:

“Communities in which we live and work have always been the sole of James Cubitt. I am honoured and proud to manage the group, together with the Board and Leadership Team, to even greater heights.”