James Cubitt and Partners knows the ever changing environment that needed first hand care, which is why JCP focuses on improving environmental management performance, risk and liability management and competitiveness for its clients, helping to deliver savings and efficiencies in time, cost and resources. It’s not a secret that our planet’s resources are limited; the future generations, ecosystem, existing and future built and natural built environment might be in a risk of damaged or even destroyed due to climate change.

As the largest environment consulting firm in the region, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results. JCP’s specialists use GIS technology to analyze projects in their real world setting.

Ensuring Enhanced Environmental Performance

James Cubitt and Partners help organizations and offices to improve their awareness and competitiveness through enhanced and continuous environmental education and information campaign, environmental performance and better management of risk and liability as well as to pursue opportunities in a growing Environmental industry.

James Cubitt and Partners can draw on our full range of in-house technical professionals in environmental science, ecology, noise, land quality, waste, air quality, water, geo-techniques and tunneling, social-economics and community issues, landscape, heritage and urban design to provide custom-made and holistic solutions for the environmental, social and economic success of clients’ policy or schemes.

Holistic Approach

For use to achieve a holistic, long term approach to assessment we must have a solution based on a sound understanding of the complex interactions between economic, social and environmental issues. The early integration of sustainability considerations into a policy, plan or project development process is also critical to ensuring a long term habitable future.

James Cubitt and Partners also supports a habitable future by providing environmentally-led infrastructure consultancy. JCP drive adaptation of the natural and built environment in the face of complex environmental change and development demand, ensuring the balanced management and protection of our natural, heritage and natural assets.