James Cubitt and Partners always strives to stride lightly on the planet by reducing the natural resources we consume during our normal operations and continuously reducing the amount of waste we generate. We encourage creative, forward-thinking ideas that will advance the efficiency of the construction process and the advancement of new building technologies. Among JCP’s goal is to foster partnerships that will enhance our local economy using environmental improvements that create cleaner safer community and neighbourhood.

James Cubitt and Partners will invest in employee development to deliver the most efficient, sustainable construction projects for our clients.

James Cubitt and Partners is dedicated in helping Public and Private sectors with their dealings in regards with sustainable practices. JCP provide complete range of services to characterize, assess, quantify and manage client’s relationship with the natural environment and to prepare for a changing climate. JCP can render services through:  Strategic Sustainability, the Natural Environment, the Built Environment, Corporate Governance, Legal Compliances and Risk plus resources management along with Development permitting.

JCP Sustainability services focus on the main following factors:

  • Client/Customer Satisfaction
  • Life span development
  • Major, significant and continuous improvement
  • Competitive proffer or proposal