James Cubitt and Partners is a world renowned Architectural Firm that started more than 6 decades ago in London, England. From that time and up to now, JCP is actively present in almost all corners of the globe, and still JCP Architect and Engineers are true and dedicated to what was established 6 decades back, constant dedication and professionalism. Presently, JCP are very active not just in Europe and Middle East but as well in Australia and Asia dealing not just with architecturally but also in the field of Engineering and Project Management, JCP is expanding as well partnering and establishing satellites offices in every corner of developing countries.

JCP’s approached to Architecture is unique and holistic as it does not focus on the promotion and strength of an individual design figurehead. Instead each JCP’s geographical regions has evolved an Architectural identity of its own. This unique and culturally-led identity has developed organically as a response to the client’s call and sectors in which JCP operates.

James Cubitt and Partners Architecture operates on a first philosophy approach where client objectives, program review, site analysis and contextual considerations pilot to the evaluation of all credible planning and design options. Sustainable design solutions are uniformly important to the design approach, and, as an outcome, new benchmarks have been established in this field.

James Cubitt and Partners is architecturally remarkable and we strive to do everything better than any other in the coming years this is our mindset underpinned by our mission and guided by our vision. We will try hard, we will work a lot, we will listen to everyone, and go beyond to exceed all needs while attempting to realize every goal that will ever exist.