Business Case Development

A good design starts with a good design concept. A well established design concept is the key to a much greater design solution, JCP believes in that statement. At concept stage we also believe in the influence of effective design and that consulting with all stakeholders will give every project a competitive edge.
It is also a reality that some of the best concept that we can conceive is the most expensive ones. That is why we at JCP always have an options in any given scenarios we never stick monotonously in one concept solution, we create options that is truly on the budget within the imagined concept design solution, its a challenge for us to cater, host and deliver what is the best according to the allotted budget but within the realm of the foreseen concept design. We always help our clients until the final delivery of the project, either by doing it ourselves or by collaborating with the best local consultants. As we developed concept design schemes it can be of a big impact on the environment, Carbon sensitive design is underpinned in JCP system, in JCP way, in JCP cultures and JCP always produced the most efficient building that the future generations will surely be in benefits.
James Cubitt and Partners vast experience across the globe it’s a challenge everyday to produce an incredible unique building that is simple to built and within the scope of budget. JCP can work with the clients and the design team in different corners of the world. From inception to conception JCP is dedicated, serious and responsible about what we do.

Business cases are created to help decision-makers ensure that:

  • Proposed initiative will have value
  • Relative priority compared to alternative initiatives based on the objectives
  • Expected benefits laid out in the business case
  • Performance indicators found in the business case are identified to be used for proactive realization of the business and behavioral change.