Building Surveying & Auditing

James Cubitts and Partners Consultants provide comprehensive services for evaluating and determining the integrity of the building and related facilities. Our in house expert engineers conduct surveying and evaluation and auditing of building designs, properties and issuing certification of building compliance to international code of practice and locality regulation.

Our experience and expertise in understanding building properties and condition can provide the broad based overview needed to develop long term property strategies. We have extensive building surveying and essential safety measures, essential fire safety measures, and fire safety installation experience in all sectors of the building and property industries.

Our Engineer’s extensive experience and professionalism in this field is a phenomenal and immeasurable that assures the client of meeting the prime objective of the project. They are experts in formulating risk mitigation strategies in property compliance, ensuring that clients protect their assets and achieve best and most advantageous results from their property portfolio, reducing exposure to risk and adding value throughout the property life.

James Cubitt and Partners are continuously and constantly acquiring new knowledge, increasing professional development, quality assured systems, wide range property sector experience and personal service that all coalesces to ensure clients be given utmost return on their consultancy services investment.