Transportation Design

While we realized that we are increasingly moving forward via high-tech road networks of virtual passages, we have to think that we should also be in reality of having our real network of roads and intersections in hand, we believe that our highway infrastructure is still at the heart of social and economic development.

JCP design services involve and can deliver all aspect of transportation infrastructure and technology, JCP can design, develop and render solutions for modernizing highway networks, making the best of existing road networks, planning new road networks. Giving the best value, seeking cost effective sustainable solutions and advising clients on the best options for delivery and implementation is what we do best.

JCP planning and design consultancy always works with the clients’ so that it will be given all the clients’ transportation and road networks requirements as well as to enhance the developmental solutions. From initial feasibility studies and preliminary design, through to contract procurement and supervision of on-site delivery, JCP technical design teams have worked with different clients to develop the right solutions to service network requirements.

JCP understanding of global transport needs, thoroughly experience and exceptional mix skills make us a leader in the development and design of highways infrastructure. JCP understand the vital role transport improvements have in ensuring safe and reliable networks, integrated transport services and accessible city centers.

Structures related to all types of transport often require ground-breaking solutions to produce designs which are cost effective and buildable as well as safe and durable. Complex analysis is often required to achieve structural efficiency and there is often a need to address aspects of design which are not covered by international or national codes. We have expertise in designing, checking, assessing and strengthening many types of bridges. We can also perform advanced analytical analysis where necessary to produce the most efficient design or to get the most out of existing structures.

JCP has the experience and resources to deliver a solution to a transport problem from inception through to the final scheme selection, procurement and completion.