Systems Engineering & Integration

The whole is always greater than the sum of its part and it is always and will be the conscious and practical system engineering, integration as a whole not a fraction of the totality. This is the statement of James Cubitt and Partners.

James Cubitt and Partners is promoter, user and best practice in using system engineering. JCP is a technology based consultancy and support services.

One practice JCP global studio is the key engineering network made up of experienced professionals who champion cross industry best practice, raise professional standards and engage with academic world and learned institutions.

Working with systems engineers from our defense, highways and architecture businesses, the network supports JCPs’ operations in markets where system engineering is totally rooted, where it is used but still novel and where it is not yet recognized.

It’s always constant regardless of what the market is: to leverage value for our customers by combining JCPs’ broad competence with a consistent, ‘excellent’ approach to systems engineering.