Tourism & Leisure

One world concept is now the trend in tourism and leisure, offering an experience of one citizenry, this phenomenon not only opening opportunities in tourism business but also opening its trend in actual physical development, trade and profitable investments. Eco and cultural tourism now also help protect and celebrate some of the world’s most precious ecosystems and magnificent landmarks.

James Cubitt and Partners is one of the active multidisciplinary consultancies around the globe, working throughout the built and natural environment.

James Cubitt and Partners integrated multidisciplinary teams engage in planning, design, engineering and environmental projects of all type and sizes, from preliminary study to completion, for both public and private sector clients.

James Cubitt and Partners have a track record of providing imaginative, practical and non-biased advice. JCP’s solution is always holistic, always to understand the complexities of the problem and always targeting practical but innovative solutions. JCP always integrate opportunities to the solution, it should also human base, balance and sustainable.

JCP have world-wide experience in all aspects of tourism including:

  • Eco-tourism and Agri-tourism
  • Strategic and regional tourism strategies and infrastructure planning
  • Resort and theme park master planning
  • Hotels and sports and health facilities, convention centers
  • Social development and assessment