Air traffic management

A service committed to a flight operation’s enhanced knowledge and understanding of the airspace and air traffic control system on a continuing basis for the proactive goal of safe flight. An extension of your safety efforts

With escalating traffic growth and resultant capacity constraints, modern air traffic services face considerable challenges. JCP offers a wide range of consulting services, as well as training and specialized professional advice, to assist and operators in developing the highest quality aviation-focused services and operational procedures.

Our key consulting services include:

  • System design and implementation
  • Operational concepts and airspace design
  • Simulations and implementation of ATC simulators
  • Safety management systems (SMS)
  • Organizational concepts
  • Concepts for complying with ICAO regulations (e.g. oversight implementation)
  • Automation systems
  • Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)
  • Training (e.g. ATCO, ATSEP, Safety Management)