Building design

JCP is not only known for building consultancy services and project management, James Cubitt and Partners has been  exceeding client expectations for over 60 years with renowned Building Design and Architecture collaborating specialist and artist in every projects whenever it is needed, in order to meet the demands of a vast range of projects and developments.

On the other hand, JCP Building Design is labeled, it is apparent that in responding to the diverse conditions and demands of climate, culture and economics, James Cubitt and Partners is proud to have delivered such an remarkable body of work across the world.

A wide arrays of Building Design Professionals JCP have which includes Architecture specializing in lighting and acoustics plus safety, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Structural and MEP specialist and a handful of Project Managers.

JCP professional staffs is always updated and exposed to new Building technologies, trends, methodologies and Building Design execution. James Cubitt and partners tie up and work collaborately with some of the world’s finest building materials supplier and developers. JCP staffs and professionals are working closely with all involve stakeholders in the Building Design Solution after delivering the final approved working drawings.

JCP are always keen in these 3 items regarding Building Design, in which these items are considered very essential and necessary for the betterment of the Building Design Solution. They are the following:

Orientation- A very essential tool in laying out Building Design, in here we can exploit the natural shades, air ventilation and  explore the possible facade materials to be used, this items can dramatically calculate sustainability factors.

Plan Arrangement-Plan arrangement holds the key to building readiness for end-users, from abstract spaces JCP professional duty is how to make it readable from its occupants.

Materials-This will illustrate how the building will look and feel, how the building blends to its environment or how it will stand out to its surroundings, it’s the texture of the building structure a reflection of how it will become in the eye of the public.