Understanding the drivers of the Health & Science industry, JCP provides innovative solutions that promote the advancement of science and the practice of patient-centred care.

Further to the medical facilities designed and built for Universities, JCP have designed several hospitals for Health Authority, Oil Companies, such as Mobil! and BP and many commercial properties for Pharmaceutical Companies.

JCP have worked with their branch offices in the Middle East, to design several hospitals, blood banks, referral hospitals and clinics.

As the medical world is forever evolving, we are committed to researching the latest technology and applying innovative design to the health sector and training buildings to provide an environment which is suitable and sustainable. JCP uses Building Information Modelling (BIM) to effectively visualize and communicate design solutions from a project’s planning stages through construction administration and into facility management.

Healthcare facility should not only be taken as a place for machines for treatment and delivery, it should be treated as a place and environment for healing and well-being. James Cubitt and Partners are passionate about design and deliver excellence in all we do, Healthcare is not an exception.

We have a proven track record of innovating, changing and adapting for new models of healthcare regardless of location or procurement method.

Delivering Locally

James Cubitt and Partners experience and project portfolio for both public and local sectors client, develop our ability to integrate cultures and environment and enhance JCP’s professional’s ability to deliver excellence in technical knowledge of local legislation and technical standard.

Master planning

James Cubitt and Partners Master plans provide a vision, as well as a decision making tool. JCP experience includes large sophisticated hospital developments, both proposed and on existing complex city sites. We also develop scheme for modern general health campuses and community facilities.

By initially planning how a site or area will be developed, our master plans encompass how costs, phasing and timing of the development will be completed.

Healing environment

James Cubitt and Partners recognize the importance of the emotional and aesthetic aspects of healthcare rather than simply the functionality by creating healing and well-being environments.

These include:

  • Use of natural environment especially visual connection
  • Stress reducing areas through comfortable and cozy waiting areas and open areas.
  • Art therapy, inclusion of art in the design solution, it’s a scientifically proven to enhance healing and regeneration of a sick individual

Refurbishment and Remodelling

James Cubitt and Partners also render refurbishment and remodeling for some old hospital building structures, many clients benefited with this capability, often this projects due course in city settings. JCP has developed a customized system that the hospital can still fully function without disturbance during refurbishment period.