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James Cubitt and Partners has been in the forefront of Architectural, Engineering and Project Management Consultancy in United Kingdom from the date of its inception and to the present times. Since 1947 the founder James Cubitt had strenuously make the presence of the company felt throughout the kingdom by designing and managing completion of educational, hospitality and industrial projects in the whole of UK and citing few of these projects are Highbury Grove School –  Islington, England, facilities of Roche Pharmaceutical and Cummins Engine Company.

Rising from the ruins of World War II, United Kingdom persistence to overcome all the loses it incurs during the last world war, it thrives and became a developed country in a short period of time and ranked as the world’s fifth largest economy and it is the world’s first industrialized nation. James Cubitt and Partners incredible contribution to this development is magnificent as Architectural and Engineering Consultants aside from managing the construction and development of Institutional Infrastructures and Facilities.

James Cubitt and Partners office in London serves as the heart and soul of all James Cubitt and Partners branches across Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia that provides support to all branches endeavors.

Our showcase projects in UK include: Cummins Manufacturing Facilities, Cambridge University, Roche Pharmaceutical, St Catharine’s College & Kings College.