Business Process Improvement

It is a mere fact that every organization or offices have their way or a system of doing things around, these are part of what we called office ways and culture, it’s becoming difficult to improve and make more proficient and successful.

Offices and organizations progressively look at all aspects of their business to minimize costs, maximize value and improve staff productivity and involvement. Business Process Consultants main goal is to select the right method and appropriate tools to achieve these goals, making both step change improvements and endangering a culture of continuous improvements.

James Cubitt and Partners has a variety of options and approaches to improving efficiency and effectiveness that we can change the clients’ position from worse to better and from better to excellent. These include:

  • Process based approaches which redesign and optimize business processes
  • Efficiency review: ‘Lean’ methods emphasizing efficient flows and reductions of operational bottlenecks
  • Six Sigma methods based on statistical techniques to minimize defects and waste

As time goes by and some new system emerges as a new System Thinking, and wants to penetrate these methods, but lay emphasis on the importance of viewing the organization or issue and its stakeholders or elements as a ‘system’ consist of complex relationships. These need to be understood to enable making real, lasting improvements to be made.

James Cubitt and Partners vast experience working with public and private sectors enables us to provide:

  • Objective analysis of the organization’s policies, processes (process mapping), behaviors and values
  • Independence from previous improvement initiatives
  • Experience in a wide range of organizations, able to make ready comparisons and identify good practice from which other organizations can learn
  • Credibility with internal and external stakeholders where recommendations are quickly respected and implemented