Change Management

Due to diversity in projects’ nature, organization, and associated scope of work, it is understood that every work program will encounter changes throughout the program life cycle or phases. JCP services extend to managing the people side of change to achieve the required outcomes of a change program or initiative, which includes policy, process, workforce, data, and technology. Our approach to change management shall be:


Our team of project managers shall attain successful transformation to changes through:
1- Leadership Support and Endorsement: our project managers will enable and support the effort for change throughout the program life cycle
2- Mission Improvement: regardless of the nature of the change, our project managers shall communicate how the primary corporate mission will be improved and how that in turn will benefit the employees/ work program.
3- Long-Term Commitment: during the program life cycle, the leadership’s endorsement and sup¬port shall be sustained.
4- Performance Measures: enabling visibility as to how the change / transformation are proceeding and where additional atten¬tion might be needed.
5- Establish a Change Management team/Program Management personnel: dedication of identified individuals that are respon¬sible and accountable for the change management