Traffic Engineering

Traffic is one of many problems that a growing population and expanding communities encounter as days goes by, traffic volumes continue to increase along with road and pedestrian accidents. That is why JCP traffic engineers harness a refined and sophisticated range of strategies to keep traffic flow continuously, efficiently and safely moving thru research, collective data gathering, feasibility studies, modern technologies, models and simulations.

Inter-agency base knowledge and collaborative effort is the key factor in a successful traffic system in a cities, towns and communities. An effective traffic control system is an important part of a traffic operation and management programs. With the use of High and modern technologies such as communication media, protocols, architectures that demand an exceptional level of knowledge and understanding from the transportation professional, for these to be an effective it needed high base knowledge and deep understanding plus vast experience with a state of the art equipment such as simulation and model base tools.

JCP services in this are Accident and safety analysis, Design traffic preparation, Parking and circulation studies, Pedestrian facilities planning & design, Signing and signal inventories, Traffic operations analysis, Traffic signal system feasibility & design, traffic signal timing & design, Asset management, Construction traffic control design and inspection, Parking studies and analysis, Pedestrian and bicycle trail/path planning and design, Safety evaluations and design, Incident management plans, Pedestrian/bicycle movement, Traffic engineering studies, analysis, and design, Access management, Corridor optimization and Data collection.