James Cubitt and Partners is one of the suppliers of services to UAE Government or in any governments across the globe where JCP offices are located.

The JCP design team has been on the forefront of planning, architecture and sustainable strategies, including pioneering solutions for the security and circulation needs of enduring government buildings. JCP is working with clients (Government) at the middle of the reform agenda, providing efficient and effective solutions to complex challenges.

JCP is currently focused on the following key sectors:

Central Government

Provide specialist services to ensure that strategic government mandated programs achieve vital savings and equip Government for demanding future workloads.

Emergency Services

Using our engineering and program management expertise to help emergency services improves their operational efficiency.


JCP help central departments to deliver Information Technology-enabled change and reform the skills sectors. Planning, designing and delivering modernization of school buildings structures (Building Schools for the Future).

Local Government

We help councils, local HSE and rescue services to deliver the localism agenda, procure services and change their businesses to operate within the new funding arrangements.


JCP help clients to deliver complex IT and business change programs. Secure property management and IT services to maintain critical buildings and activities.