Planning & Economics

James Cubitt and Partners, we fully value planning and economics as a measuring gauge for a successful endeavor. We have a composite team of Master Planners and Economist that intends to maximize the usability of every piece of land, space and profitability of every penny that stakeholders are to invest are well planned.

As we have previously master planned several developments in North Africa and Middle East, James Cubit and Partners assures the Client that investments are carefully studied, planned and executed like a well oiled machinery wherein every step towards successful completion is put in place.

James Cubitt and Partners offers the services from concept planning through Client interface to assure that the Client’s idea is given full consideration and satisfaction, detailed designing and implementation.
The coverage of James Cubitt and Partners expertise includes construction planning, master planning, building design (Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and Entertainment), landscaping (soft and hard), socio-economics, heritage, transportation, ecology, sustainability and environment.