Asset Management

The clients’ always believes that the Buildings are important resources, buildings as valuable capital assets; buildings need protection, James Cubitt and Partners share the same conviction.

JCP’s strategic asset management services knows how minimized the risk, expenditure and optimise the performance of the overall life cycle of the assets. JCP customised approach to designing and implementing asset management will enable you to transform your organisation and maximise the return on your investment in assets.

The Services Provided by JCP:

JCP provide strategic asset management consultancy services across all sectors of economic, defence and social infrastructure assets covering the highways, rail, water, environment, power, nuclear, defence, health, education, leisure, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and financial sectors. One of our unique value propositions is to offer our clients best practices and learning from different sectors. We have established an internal Strategic Asset Management Network (SAMNet) to facilitate the transfer of skills, resources and best practices between sectors.

James Cubitt and Partners always have a pleasure working with clients of all sectors whether from public and private all over the globe; assisting them in maximizing their assests and minimizing their risk and expenditures, business processes, BMS (Building Management System) and to realise significant benefits for them.

The key services JCP can provide is as follows:

  • Asset Management policy and strategy
  • Asset Investment planning
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Engineering for optimizing performance cycle
  • Asset Integrity management
  • Decommisioning Assurance
  • Organization development
  • IT system and data integration