James Cubitt and Partners provides geomatic surveying services and offers extensive experience in a wide range of industries for topographical, hydrographical and building surveying services. James Cubitt and Partners surveying services extend to reach various types of industries such as energy, waste management, planning and development, civil engineering and construction. James Cubitt and Partners personnel use a selection of ‘state of the art’ surveying equipment including GPS satellite surveying, robotic total stations, traditional total stations and boat surveys using depth and location detectors for various types of surveying.
• Topographic Survey – James Cubitt and Partners undertake topographic surveys for a wide range of developments including those related to infrastructure, energy, waste management and planning and development.
• Development Surveying – use of topographic and hydro-graphical surveys in the provision of land management, planning, permitting and other land management activities.
• CAD, 3D Ground Modeling and Design – James Cubitt and Partners uses a variety of industry standard packages to produce drawings for a variety of requirements such as elevation detail and cross sections.