Our Values and Culture

At James Cubitt, our history is a testament to our core values and culture, which include a relentless pursuit of excellence, unwavering commitment to our clients, and a passion for creating innovative architectural solutions. These values continue to drive our work and define our unique identity in the world of construction. As we honour our past, we look forward to a future filled with exciting opportunities and groundbreaking projects.

Our History

Below are some key milestones in the history of our firm:

  • 1947 – Practice Establishment in London by James William Archibald Cubitt with Fello Atkinson, Stefan Buzas and Dick Maitland.
  • 1958- Lagos office established by John Baker as a subsidiary of JCP London & Dick Maitland retired from the practice.
  • 1968- Alan Craig and John Baker become partners of the firm and Zbyszek Plocki joined JCP as a partner in Nigeria.
  • 1975- John Kress become an associate of the firm.
  • 1983- Two founders passed away, James Cubitt & Fello Atkinson.
  • 1986- Significant expansions was taking place, offices were established in Brisbane & Queensland, Australia by Rod Christmas & in Nairobi as a different subsidiaries of JCP London.
  • 1988- Zbyszek Plocki became the Managing Director of the firm and John Kress and David Godfrey become partners. Alan Davies becomes the Director of the James Cubitt Nigerian offices with Chief Essien Oku.
  • 1991- Significant expansion starts in the Middle East. Abu Dhabi & Dubai offices were established in association with IDB and later on Managed by M.Abu Shady.
  • 1997- Abu Dhabi & Dubai Offices become independent. M.Abu Shady become the Country Manager & Partner with the firm.
  • 2002- A branch office in Doha was established subsidiary of JCP London. The office is managed by I.Shekew. M.Abu Shady become the Area Manager of MENA region whilst M.El Khouly has joined him.
  • 2006- Ghana Office was restarted.
  • 2015- Iraq Branch was established.