Remediation & Land Quality Management

JCP remediation expert teams implementing a solution addressing contaminated land risk issues managements. Our new acquired knowledge and expertise will add value to our client organizations and associated projects by increasing asset value and reducing risk. We are continuous in developing and maintaining integrated solutions that incorporate latest technologies designed to deal with complex contamination problems.

JCP remediation experts undertake and study complicated problems with innovative solutions, including the improvement of existing systems. JCP teams are competent, initiative and go beyond their limitation to handles the complex and challenging task.

Through our experience and expertise we help the clients to meet their needs through understanding the ground risk related to determine the appropriate risk management action, potentials liabilities, and specific regulatory issues.

JCP services include such as Environmental audit of facilities and operations, Review of environmental information, Site investigations, Environmental risk assessment, Identification and monetization of environmental liabilities, Strategic advice on risk and liability management, remediation services including verification and validation and remediation design, contract specification, tendering and management.