Corporate Social Responsibility

Our work at James Cubitt & Partners touches business, industry, society and people worldwide. As such, we are committed to doing business in a responsible way. A key part of our commitment is the pledge to care for the development of our own people as well as the communities in which we operate. This is core to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy.

A strategic, coherent CSR program helps to differentiate us from competitors, attract top talent, retain active and engaged employees, build our brand, and, most importantly, utilize our knowledge and enthusiasm for the greater good of society. It is for these reasons that CSR has become a formalized function at James Cubitt and our Operating Branches. While James Cubitt has supported a wide range of socially responsible causes for many years, our CSR model includes the more focused involvement of our Operating Branches in pursuing our vision. We believe this will help us to create innovative and collaborative initiatives that help communities and people at risk, specifically through partnerships with education-based organizations — both today and for generations to come

The idea that James Cubitt has embraced on its social responsibilities are not be solely focused on maximizing profits. Our Social responsibility entails in developing businesses with a positive relationship to the communities which we operate in. According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this relationship to the society and environment in which we operate is “a critical factor in our ability to continue to operate effectively. We are also increasingly using it as a measure of our overall performance.

Part of James Cubitt’s strategic focus is the investment and allocation of resources to develop and improve the quality of life for various communities. This focus is embodied by our Cares programme in South Africa and the Middle East.

Many of our peoples are also giving back on a personal level in their communities, which is something we encourage and support as an organization.