Procurement & Supply Chain Consultancy

James Cubitt & Partners extends a helping hand to our partners in the industry with our innovative approach in reducing time and cost of our client in the procurement process whether for it is locally or internationally. With our worldwide offices which are strategically located at premier commercial districts of the host country, we make sure that the movement of goods, equipment and materials were unhampered. Likewise, we review the Client’s procurement process, streamlining it and provide unmatched process and methods how they can be sure that the supplies of goods are always as expected.

JCP teams create and produce excellent outcomes through unconventional procurement and attain viable improvement by changing, transfiguring and modifying the supply chain. And we make sure that procurement and supply chain personnel retaliate and act in response for long term success.

JCP Procurement and Supply Chain services include:

  • Procurement and Supply Chain Advisory
  • Supplier Analysis and Selection
  • Organizational design structures
  • Planning Procurement