Sustainability & Environmental Consultancy

Climate change now is reality to be dealt with; it’s not an overnight assignment that we can just make it through. That’s the reason why James Cubitt and Partners are very keen in tackling this issue, JCP professionals carefully studied and analyzed each projects most especially the one with a high need for sustainability and environmental issues.

One of the key ingredients of JCP beyond its expertise is the involvement of all stake holders.

JCP provide a comprehensive range of services to help public and private sector organizations to characterize, assess, quantify and manage their relationship with the natural environment and to prepare for a changing climate. With this issues regarding sustainability and environment segregated in much itemized issues such as strategic sustainability with involvement of all Stake Holders, the root path of data inputs. Creations of policies, plans, limitations, social issues, project development, local authority codes, non-government organization and government authorities involvements. Corporate Governance, JCP is in support of other organizations with sustainable and environmental policies and strategies, corporate responsibility, industrial sustainability and environmental management system (EMS). We work for them in any given work stages. Resource Management, JCP works with client through recommendation and professional advices regarding low carbon footprints, resource efficiency, biodiversity and natural resources restoration and management, environmental economics and waste management particularly minimization of waste product. Development permitting in here JCP collaborates with the clients in development of master plan influencing to reducing environmental impact and incorporating sustainable strategies. JCP can supply Environmental Impact Assessment services, analyzing thru screening and scoping to produce the environmental statement. JCP professionals can render Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), JCP has the expertise in processing and assessing EIA in all stages, consequently, has the knowledge in assisting at one or more of the key stages, and lastly, Health Impact Assessment (HIA), JCP consider HIA is a process of identifying potential effects on the health of a general population and the distribution of those effects within the population. JCP undertake HIA as either, part of the larger EIA process, or as a separate work stream covering both project and plan levels.