Program Controls

The heart of effective program controls management are dwelt in these items. Program control is about getting the right people, processes and systems in place to set expectations, measure progress against those expectations, and provide early warning of any corrective action required. Achieving success on a project requires a comprehensive approach. The approach includes establishing parameters of scope, schedule and budget; tracking progress against those parameters; and managing the risks and opportunities associated with major capital programs. This is where program controls plays an important role.

The program controls function is comprised of long-standing disciplines such as schedule management, cost management, document management and risk analysis. Program controls brings these disciplines together and delivers a more comprehensive picture of program status, risks and areas requiring focus.

James Cubitt and Partners have the right people, an established process and systems that measures progress against expectations. A dedicated team of professionals monitors and assesses the progress of the project.

Traditional elements of program controls which James Cubitt and Partners effectively put into motion are Cost management, Schedule management, Document management, Expanding controls value, Earned value management, Funds management, Success management and Collaboration and reporting.