James Cubitt & Partners Ltd London was established in 1947. Meet the London Team

James Cubitt & Partners is a international multidisciplinary consultancy practice having extensive experience in the design and supervision of a wide variety of building projects and the master planning of major building complexes for health, education, tourism, commerce, retail, industry and housing.

The current directors have all been with the firm for many years and have been directly involved in our project designs, management and supervision.

We are committed to continually updating and improving our professional skills base, and we  successfully research, develop and sustain outstanding professional knowledge appropriate to the needs of the group.

Contact Information

James Cubitt & Partners
96 - 98 Baker Street
London, W1U 6TJ

Telephone +44-208 579 6873
Fax +44-208 579 6881
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Directors: Suadad Sumaidaie