A branch office in Doha, Qatar was established in 2002 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of JCP London. The office is managed by Ibrahim Shekew .

The Doha office has been very successful, designing & completing many projects. These include schools, hotels, office towers, museums, villa complexes etc.

Mahmoud Abou-Shady and Ibrahim Shekew were appointed Directors of the London office in 2006.

In 2006 the Ghana office was restarted with a local director.

In 2009 Mahmoud Abou-Shady was appointed by Zbyszek Plocki to become the area manager for the JC&P offices in the Middle East.  
Later that year, Mohamed M. El- Khouly was appointed a Director of JC&P UAE branches & Manager of the JC&P Dubai Office.

In 2010, Chere Waddington and Jamie Robertson were appointed as directors of the JC&P London firm.

Tamer Mohammed, Wallid Ibrahim and Sayid Shekew were appointed as directors of the Doha JC&P branch.